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  • Meals That Heal Inflammation examines how to reduce pain, allergies and digestive problems with a powerful plan to help you make wise food choices.
  • Slimming Meals That Heal explains how to conquer your cravings, balance your hormones and lose weight with anti-inflammatory superfoods.
  • Hot Detox outlines a 21-day food-based program to heal your gut, cleanse your body and ignite your digestive fire!
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"We love having Julie as a part of The Marilyn Denis Show family. She is always a joy! She always brings us great information and her enthusiasm is contagious. Julie just wants you to feel better and having her around makes us feel better."

Marilyn Denis
Host of CTV's The Marilyn Denis Show

"Julie is as dynamic as they come! It's not just that she is enthusiastic, intelligent and always up-to-date on the latest research, she loves to explain how things work, and the reasons why other things don’t. We enjoy each and every encounter we have with her and love all the knowledge she has shared on The Ultimate Health Podcast. We are so grateful to have her as a colleague, and as a great friend!"

Marni Wasserman & Dr. Jesse Chappus
RHN & DC of The Ultimate Health Podcast

"In Slimming Meals That Heal, readers will find priceless information delivered in Julie's unique and inimitable style."

Dr. William Davis
MD, Cardiologist and best-selling author of Wheat Belly

"The dietary advice Julie gives is practical and easy for anyone to apply. She provides numerous recipes that truly do heal inflammation. It is indeed possible to improve health conditions without the use of drugs and surgery. Certainly, in Julie’s good hands, one can be put well on the way to greater health, naturally."

Dr. Zoltan P. Rona
M.D., M.Sc. & author of Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

"Julie is a true leader in the organic food and holistic health movement. She makes eating organic and healthy, fun. Julie is super-intelligent and incredibly charismatic! Talk to her only once and I am sure you will agree."

Bryce Wylde
Alternative Medicine Expert and Health Advisor for The Doctor Oz Show

"Julie is one of the most entertaining people I know in the health industry! She is an encyclopaedia of knowledge who is addressing one of the most important health issues of our time...inflammation. Julie changes the way people think about food, how it is grown and how it affects the body."

Marc St. Onge
Founder of Ascenta NutraSea and Bend~Omega 3

"Julie has done an excellent job of helping people understand that food can be used as medicine to control pain and inflammation. I highly recommend her book, Meals That Heal Inflammation."

Lorna Vanderhaeghe
MS, best-selling author and medical journalist

"Julie is a pioneer in the field of holistic nutrition, bringing her depth of knowledge and unparalleled passion to the world. Julie makes her evidence-based approach so very approachable through her books and online programs, inspiring her audience to get into the kitchen and transform their health."

Meghan Telpner
Holistic Nutritionist and creator of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition

"Meals That Heal Inflammation is an extraordinary book that I have been thrilled to read. Julie presents easy-to-prepare, outrageously delicious balanced meals from wholesome foods. This book can take your health to an elevated new level and the best news - it is just a single meal away."

Sam Graci
Internationally renowned lecturer, researcher and best-selling author

"Julie makes adopting an anti-inflammatory diet an easy-to-navigate and delicious journey. Her Meals That Heal Inflammation book is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to improve their health from the inside-out. A must-read."

Leslie Beck
Registered Dietician, The Globe & Mail columnist, and best-selling author of The Plant-Based Power Diet

"Like a good friend holding your hand, Julie guides you step-by-step through the entire health-creating process. Drawing on personal experience and the latest research, she clearly explains what causes inflammation and—more importantly—how to permanently eliminate it. Julie provides whole food, plant-based recipe options that I agree are excellent for pain-free, high-quality living."

Brendan Brazier
Ironman triathlete, author of The Thrive Diet and creator of Vega health products

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