Now accepting a few motivated women into the Personalized 100-Day Transformation Program. If that's you, my team and I will work with you one-on-one to make painful joints, gut issues, and energy slumps a thing of the past through fully customized health protocols and support.

(  Because of the intimate nature of our 1-1 coaching, there are only 5 spots open.)


+ Get a FREE strategy session to find out if you qualify.

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Hey you,

Consider these stats...

One in five people suffer from arthritis.

One in five people has IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

One in ten have diabetes.

One in two men and one in three women will develop heart disease in their lifetime.

And more women will die from heart attacks than men.


Things can look pretty grim when your health is not where you want it.

What do all of these illnesses have in common?

It’s this one thing in the blind spot of so many health seekers looking for answers.


Chronic inflammation affects one in two people over the age of 45.

That makes for a large number of people that will appreciate having a natural solution to their pain.

And I'm guessing that's why you're here.

To get out of pain.

I’m talking about the kind of pain that leaves you feeling like half of your full self.

And you and I both know that you deserve WAY more than a "running on empty and just trying to get by" kind of life!

You deserve a WHOLE lot more.

If you are tired of...

Dealing with the pain of feeling bloated and brain fogged...

Endlessly searching for a way to stop your achy joints, sleepless nights, poor digestion, and lack of energy...

Oh yeah, and did I mention diets (oh dear, don’t get me started)?

The endless cycle of being on and off ‚Äúthe wagon‚ÄĚ.

Beating yourself up and feeling like a failure.

All because you can’t fit yourself into this cookie-cutter expectation.

I mean it‚Äôs right there in the word‚Ķ‚ÄúDIE‚ÄĚit, lifeless, no pulse.

Or maybe you are already making strides with your health.

Maybe you just want MORE…

More health.

More energy.

More memories with loved ones feeling strong, resilient and adaptable.

Well, I’ve got good news for you!

Your health is about to get a whole lot better.

And your life for that matter too.

I’m talking…

Crushing it at work with a razor-sharp mind that has your colleagues turning their heads.

Playing with your kids or grandchildren and actually keeping up.

Taking on that travel adventure that’s on the top of your bucket list.

(The one where you hike to that breathtaking view and stand in your power knowing you made this possible.)

Diving into your passion project with a ‚Äúyou‚Äôve got a fire under your butt‚ÄĚ kind of mentality.

Knowing that you are setting yourself up for the longest and healthiest life you could possibly live.

Now that is a compelling future.

One that has you in the driver’s seat of your story.

I can already tell it’s going to be one heck of a story.

The only question left is...

Who are you going to choose to help you get there?

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What Is The Meals That Heal 100-Day Transformation Program?

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Can you smell that? It's 2024 and the Transformation Program just got a fresh new coat of paint!

With over 80% of the¬†program being completely revamped,¬†our team is certain you are going to absolutely love the brand new course videos, recipes (ūü§ęshhh... these are top secret and from Julie's new book being released in 2025), and movement classes we have added to enhance your transformative experience.

This next 100 days hold within it the last 25 years of our team's research into the most cutting-edge nutrition practices and science coupled with the 'boots on the ground' kind of practical knowledge you need to apply it to your life powerfully.

Oh, and are you looking for enhanced support to dream big and achieve EVEN BIGGER? We've turned up the heat on our program support by adding our Personalized 1-on-1 Practitioner Support & Coaching & Advanced Health Testing for personalized clients.

With your step-by-step health transformation plan and your dream team of 6 veteran coaches, the sky is the limit for your dream digestion, ideal weight, deep resilience, pain-free living, and effervescent energy. 


Inside The 100-Day MTH Transformation

The Meals That Heal 100-Day Transformation Program is broken down into 4 phases. You can see what's inside each one below.

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Gearing Up

Start with at least a week of preparation, gathering all the tools, gadgets, gear, and maps you need for an enjoyable journey. You establish your transformation plan and set your goals.

Phase One: 6 Lessons (1 Week) Placeholder Image

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Launch Your Live-It

Take at least 3 weeks of Live-It building and practice. If we were to plan a canoe trip, it would be like learning the paddling strokes (food shopping), finding the paddle that works for you (food journaling), and internalizing canoeing and camping basics (program fundamentals) before actually embarking on your journey.

Phase Two: 18 Lessons (3 Weeks)

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Believe In Yourself

Explore how to eliminate inflammation for at least 8 weeks with powerful healing foods. I will be helping you gain confidence (i.e. emotional support), try new things (i.e. recipes), and perfect your stroke (i.e. study tools) as you journey along to increasingly calm waters. This is where your enjoyment of the ride begins to blossom.

Phase Three: 48 Lessons (8 Weeks) 

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Life Transformed

Enjoy at least 2 weeks of arriving at the destination and disembarking from your canoe. From the shore, you will experience gratitude, heartfelt exuberance, and a wide world of wonder. It is the time when you reflect on your magnificent ride and plan your next adventure.

Phase Four: 12 Lessons (2 Weeks) 

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How It Fits Into Your Life This Year 

As you may know, the journey of health isn't about quick fixes; it's about continuing to build nourishing habits that stick around much longer than your last binge-worthy Netflix series. (I see you Outlander fans ūüėė)

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Time's the Game-Changer: Swap Your Scrolling for Sweating and Netflix for Nutritious Coaching

Time's ticking, Transformer! We get it; time's precious. So, let's cut to the chase. How much of your day vanishes into social media scrolls, Netflix binges, or that addictive phone game? Picture snagging just a bit of that for a wellness upgrade ‚Äď trade screen time for sweat time, Netflix nights for life-changing coaching and support.

The Meals That Heal 100-Day Transformation isn't about finding time; it's about making time for a wellness win. Imagine every minute as a victory beat, every bite a superhero fuel-up. Let's turn those minutes into triumphs, one healthy choice at a time.


There's No Square One, Just Learning, Growing, and Crafting Your Ever-Evolving Wellness Tale

Let's be real ‚Äď there's no falling off wagons in your health journey; it's all about stepping stones to an even more epic view of your health. Each revisit to old habits is a chapter in your wellness story, not a stumble. You're never at square one; you're constantly learning and growing. Time reveals what builds you up and what holds you back, shaping your unique health narrative.

The Transformation Program is your go-to for reassessment, reshaping, and rewriting. As long as you return to the drawing board, making choices that align with your evolving goals, that's the real win. It‚Äôs not about perfection; it‚Äôs about progression. The power of proximity lies in your Transformation Program¬†1-On-1 Coaching¬†‚Äď your ultimate support and accountability squad. Your health journey is a tale, not a tumble. Let‚Äôs keep writing it together!

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A Premium Upgrade to Your Well-Being Portfolio

I get it; we're all cautious about where we splash our hard-earned cash. But, let me drop a truth bomb ‚Äď investing in your health isn't just spending; it's the ultimate wealth move. Picture this: you've got a sleek car, a stylish wardrobe, but what good are they if the engine, aka you, isn't running smoothly?

Now, some might say, "But Julie, my wallet is on a diet too!" Fair point, but think of it this way ‚Äď you're not just spending; you're cultivating a premium asset ‚Äď yourself. Imagine each dollar as a seed, planted in the fertile soil of your well-being, growing into a lush garden of vitality.

Sure, it's an upfront investment, but guess what? The return on investment isn't just measured in dollars; it's in energy, zest for life, and the priceless feeling of unstoppable wellness. So, Transformer, see it not as spending, but as unleashing the superhero within you. Invest now, and watch your well-being portfolio flourish!


Wellness Reinvented: Unleash the Next-Level Transformation

Alright, my wellness warriors, we’ve cranked up the heat on transformation! This isn’t your grandma's recipe; it's a fresh, invigorating blend of new content, fresh recipes, and updated menu plans.

Picture this: over 80% of the program material has been turbocharged, injected with the latest insights, and polished to wellness perfection. And hold onto your blender, because we're unleashing 200+ recipes that haven't seen the light of day ‚Äď exclusive, cutting-edge culinary creations that will have your taste buds doing a victory dance.

But wait, there's more! We've not only beefed up the content (and given you critical catch-up days to stress less and enjoy more) but also enlisted the cavalry ‚Äď 1-on-1 Personalized Practitioner Support from¬†Julie's¬†Transformation Team of 6 Health Specialists. These wellness wizards are here to personally guide, cheer you on, and ensure your transformation journey is smoother than an avocado smoothie.

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Apply For The Transformation Program & Unlock Access To:

6-Month Access to New & Updated 100-Day Transformation Program

You're diving into a journey where 80% of the already stellar content has been cranked up. Brace yourself for brand-new topics and cutting-edge wisdom on healing nutrition and lifestyle practices ‚Äď think anti-nutrients, conquer emotional eating, and an exclusive sneak peek into Julie's upcoming 2025 book on weight loss and digestive health. Plus, we not only have catch-up days but scheduled movement classes are baked into your week.¬†This isn't just a program; it's your premier ticket to anti-inflammatory mastery, waving goodbye to pain, embracing your dream weight, and conquering digestive woes.

(Value: $2497)

Eight (8) 1-Hour 1-To-1 Practitioner Sessions with Lynn Daniluk

Embark on a transformational journey like no other with our exclusive 8 Personalized Coaching Calls led by the renowned Lynn Daniluk! Over the span of your 100-day transformation, Lynn (and the support of Functional Medicine Practioner for interpretation of health tests) will provide expert guidance tailored to your unique health needs, addressing root causes and crafting specialized health protocols just for you. Whether it's deciphering health test results or mapping out your path forward, each session is designed to empower you with clarity and confidence. Get ready to experience personalized support like never before ‚Äď it's time to unleash your full potential!

(Value: $3247)

1-0n-1 Practitioner Support & Personalized Coaching with Health Protocols

Meet your secret weapon ‚Äď Lynn Daniluk,¬†your 1-on-1 Practitioner, ready to¬†completely¬†customize your 100-day journey to fit your specific health goals.¬†She¬†is not just your personal guide;¬†she is your dedicated partner in progression. With regular 1-to-1 email check-ins, high-level¬†coaching calls, and¬†custom-made health protocols, she is here to unravel any program mysteries, address the root cause of your health issues, and ensure your path forward is crystal clear. Lynn Daniluk is a Herbalist with over 30+ years of nutrition experience, making her your best wellness ally. Get ready to thrive with¬†her support!

(Value: $3479)

Personal Menu Plan (with recipes) Designed According To Your Needs

Prepare your taste buds for a culinary revolution with over 200+ New & Updated Recipes and Four Menu Plans customized to meet your specific health protocol. These aren't just recipes; they're healing masterpieces, marrying deliciousness with simplicity. Crafted with specialized care by our Transformation team, many have been tweaked to minimize inflammation by bidding farewell to inflammatory culprits ‚Äď think conventional dairy, gluten, grains, processed sugars, and anti-nutrients. And for those seeking structure, we've revamped Four Menu Plans to inspire and guide your wellness journey. Get ready to savor the deliciousness of healing!

(Value: $997)

6-Month Access to Thrive Hive Membership & Community

This is your backstage pass to a tribe of wellness titans who've conquered the same challenges you face. Here, fellow Transformers and Thrivers share victories, insights, and a roadmap to success. But that's not all ‚Äď we've assembled a squad of¬†five health professionals, armed and ready to tackle your nutrition, movement, meditation, stress reduction, and program-specific queries. It's not just a community; it's your frontline support, ensuring your transformation journey is guided, supported, and celebrated every step of the way. Plus, gain access to even more high-level group coaching calls every week. Get ready to thrive together!

(Value: $897)

15 Healing Movement & Meditation Classes

Get ready for a wellness symphony with 15 Healing Movement & Meditation Classes led by two virtuosos ‚Äď Movement and Mobility Specialist, Taevan Gangnier, and¬†veteran¬†yoga practitioner, Yogi Shambu. These classes are more than just stretches and poses; they're stress-busters, resilience builders, and blood flow maestros, accelerating your healing journey. Woven seamlessly into your week, these classes are the rhythm that enlivens your transformative experience. Brace yourself for a journey where each move and moment brings you closer to well-being!

(Value: $1497)

90-Minute "Launch Your Lifestyle" VIP Onboarding Call with Lynn Daniluk

Embark on your transformative journey with a bang in our exclusive 90-Minute 'Launch Your Lifestyle' VIP Onboarding Call led by Lynn Daniluk. This personalized session is designed to celebrate your monumental first step toward a completely transformed YOU. Lynn will provide a comprehensive tech walkthrough of the program, ensuring you have a crystal-clear understanding of how to navigate your path forward. Building on the foundation of your complete personal health intake, Lynn will strategize initial steps tailored precisely to your needs and resources. Get ready to kickstart your transformation with confidence and clarity!

(Value: $247)

GI Map Test + Interpretation By Our Functional Medicine Practitioner

Gain invaluable insights into your health with the GI Map Test and interpretation by our esteemed Functional Medicine Practitioner, included in the cost of the program. Valued at $700 (plus $300 for interpretation), this comprehensive test provides a detailed analysis of your gut health, essential for understanding and addressing underlying issues. Our practitioner will interpret the results, unveiling key information to enhance your health protocols. This will inform the creation of your follow-up health protocol by our Functional Medicine Practitioner and Lynn Daniluk. With the GI Map Test, we'll uncover potential imbalances, guiding you towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

 (Value: $997)

One of Julie's 4 Best-Selling Books

As a personalized Transformer, you'll receive a copy of one of Julie's four best-selling books, carefully selected to support and enhance your transformation journey. These books are powerful tools filled with expert insights, practical strategies, and inspirational stories to guide you toward your goals. Whether you're seeking nutritional wisdom on detoxification, breaking free from refined sugar, or lowering inflammation, Julie's books provide invaluable resources to complement your transformation experience.

(Value: $40)

TOTAL VALUE: $13,898

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By applying today you could unlock access to 6 months of personalized 1-on-1 coaching, brand-new course content, advanced health testing, and a whole new chapter of your wellness journey. (Spots are limited!)


+ Get a FREE strategy session to find out if you qualify.


The Secret Lies Inside The *Anti-Inflammatory Pudding

Skip the guesswork, diet prison frustration, and endless solution search. Instead, upgrade your health with proven healing systems, science-backed nutrition solutions, and your own personal "live-it". (Something that finally says YOU)


Here's what our study shows you is possible when you build your anti-inflammatory live-it:

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C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a blood test that measures inflammation in your body.

Placeholder Image


Less inflammation leads to greater hormonal balance & weight loss

Placeholder Image


Estimated Sediment Rate (ESR) is a blood test that measures inflammation in your body.

ūüďĄ * Click here to see our case series report by Julie Daniluk R.N.C.P,
Lynne Rancette N.D., Tom Cook M.D., Elliot Jacobson M.D.

This Could Be Your Story...

You see, behind every health transformation is a woman just like you who was struggling, feeling helpless, wanting more, and searching for answers. And guess what... you're in luck, because you found what they found... a much better way forward!

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"I tried every ‚Äúdiet‚ÄĚ you can imagine, and I couldn‚Äôt understand why I was still bloated and lethargic. The numbers on the scale kept creeping up!

Then I met Julie Daniluk. She taught me to let go of the ‚ÄúDIEit‚ÄĚ and embrace a ‚ÄúLIVEit‚ÄĚ.

With the new skill set that Julie taught me I was able to eat foods that helped sustain my energy and keep my emotions balanced.

In this whole journey, I have never felt deprived- not once! I no longer crave junk food!" - Yvette Murray 

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"I went to see Julie to improve my overall health, but I was very surprised to discover that cutting sugar and gluten from my diet also helped control my ADHD symptoms better than medication.

The first month was hard (and I can’t lie that my cravings were bad) but suddenly I was noticeably a lot calmer and focused at work. I no longer had to read people’s lips in fear of losing track of conversations.

I now completely control my ADHD by diet alone without the need of drugs to function day to day.¬†I‚Äôm still high energy, and always will be, but now I‚Äôm able to function a lot better and I am so grateful to find tasty substitutions to stick with this sugar-free lifestyle for good!‚Ä̬†- Blair Lowndes¬†

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“Working up to 14 hours on television sets, my energy often plummeted. I found myself completely addicted to sugar - dreaming of what would next satisfy my endless passion for sweet.

When I learned from Julie how dangerous sugar can be i.e. creating hormonal imbalances and increased inflammation, I decided to cut sugar out. My addiction had become so serious that I got the shakes, headaches and anxiety when my blood sugar dropped low.

All of that is behind me now and I feel incredible freedom.¬†I am able to enjoy the natural sweetness in food and learned so many of Julie‚Äôs fun sugar-free recipes that I don‚Äôt miss sugar at all!‚ÄĚ- Tonya Scata¬†

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"I cannot say much more other than Julie and her ENTIRE team took me towards wellness and helped me dodge inevitable and multiple issues with ‚Äúdis‚ÄĚ ease.

The changes came through education, loving support and effective movement on a physical and emotional level.

My biggest accomplishment was letting go of emotional eating, and learning how inflammatory foods wreaks havoc on my mind, body and soul. She doesn’t just take away sugar and trigger foods; she also gives healing substitutions while focusing on food, fitness and fun! Her recipes are all super easy and adaptable.

My BEFORE picture is full of physical and emotional pain. If you feel pain, lost, hopeless and ‚Äústuck‚ÄĚ, this is the program you have been waiting for! Take a deep breath and jump in!"- Laura C

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"I am always learning from Julie/Lynn/Alan, I have combatted Candida, removed harmful medications, switched medications to more natural medications, lost 45 lbs, keeping my low carb, no sugar live it.

I have been IF at least 5-6 days per week. I have learned how to have healthy snacks at my fingertips. I have learned about supplements, understand what works for me.

I have been so thankful for the support from the Daniluk team, Thrive Hive and the support from my husband who is eating and living the Live it by my side.

My friends and family see how hard I have worked. I look forward to 2022 to continue my journey and my new found Live It!" - Roxanne G

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“I used to have acne that would NOT clear up, no matter how much money I would invest in high-end natural skin care. That was until Julie made me realize my problem was my nutrition! 

I wouldn't get a glowing and acne-free skin by using a good cleanser and facial cream...I needed a more important diet investigation. I used to eat really well 80% of the time (no sugar, wheat or dairy), and would allow myself to indulge in treats 20% of the time. 

The problem is that in those treats were a ton of foods that created inflammation in my body, resulting in acne! The oat milk in my lattes, the occasional beer, the corn chips were derailing my efforts and giving me pimples. 

With the elimination protocol that Julie guided me through, I now know exactly what makes me react and I stay away from those foods! The 5-minute pleasure is not worth the huge impact on my health." - Jade Milot 

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What The Experts Are Saying...

Placeholder Image

Marilyn Denis

Host of CTV's The Marilyn Denis Show

"We love having Julie as a part of The Marilyn Denis Show family. She is always a joy! She always brings us great information and her enthusiasm is contagious. Julie just wants you to feel better and having her around makes us feel better."

Placeholder Image

Bryce Wylde

Alternative Medicine Expert and Health Advisor for The Doctor Oz Show

"Julie is a true leader in the organic food and holistic health movement. She makes eating organic and healthy, fun. Julie is super-intelligent and incredibly charismatic! Talk to her only once and I am sure you will agree."

Placeholder Image

Meghan Telpner

Holistic Nutritionist 

"Julie is a pioneer in the field of holistic nutrition, bringing her depth of knowledge and unparalleled passion to the world. Julie makes her evidence-based approach so very approachable through her books and online programs, inspiring her audience to get into the kitchen and transform their health."

Placeholder Image

William W. Li, MD

New York Times bestselling author of EAT TO BEAT DISEASE

"Enjoying a long and healthy life is the sweetest treat you can give yourself.  In Becoming Sugar-Free, Julie Daniluk knocks it out of the park once again by showing you how to satisfy your cravings with alternative sweeteners and anti-inflammatory foods on an everyday level. For anyone who has ever wondered how to dodge sugar addiction and the inflammation it causes, this is a must-read."

Placeholder Image

Marc St. Onge

Founder of Ascenta NutraSea and Bend Beauty

"Julie is one of the most entertaining people I know in the health industry! She is an encyclopaedia of knowledge who is addressing one of the most important health issues of our time...inflammation. Julie changes the way people think about food, how it is grown and how it affects the body."

Placeholder Image

Marni Wasserman & Dr. Jesse Chappus

RHN & DC of The Ultimate Health Podcast

"Julie is as dynamic as they come! It's not just that she is enthusiastic, intelligent and always up-to-date on the latest research, she loves to explain how things work, and the reasons why other things don’t. We enjoy each and every encounter we have with her and love all the knowledge she has shared on The Ultimate Health Podcast. We are so grateful to have her as a colleague, and as a great friend!"

As Featured In

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The Transformation Program Has Helped 900+ People Just Like You

They have used it to heal from everything you can dream up, like:

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Our Team Is Ready To Help You

Talk to our program director, Lynn to get all your questions answered. Go ahead and apply and schedule a FREE strategy session. She will get back to you within a few hours and be ready to answer all your questions.


+ Get a FREE strategy session to find out if you qualify.


100 Days Of Pure Health Transformation Is Just Around The Bend

Picture this ‚Äď a woman, fueled by the sunrise, charging down the beach, leaving footprints of empowerment in the sand. That woman? Yeah, she‚Äôs you, seizing the day with the kind of vigour that transforms dreams into reality. The clock's ticking, and so is your chance to join this sunrise run toward an upgraded, superhero version of yourself. This isn‚Äôt just an invite; it's a front-row pass to your wellness revolution. Miss this, and it's not just a missed opportunity; it‚Äôs a delay in your journey to a revitalized you.

The updated program is ready to roll, and the sunrise Personalized Transformation¬†section is filling up fast. Don‚Äôt just watch the sunrise; be the sunrise ‚Äď unstoppable, vibrant, and owning every stride. Seize this moment, Transformer, because your time to shine is now, not tomorrow.


+ Get a FREE strategy session to find out if you qualify.


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