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healthy living Nov 04, 2018

Reading through my books and articles, you'll discover that I am a big supporter of organics as the healthy, natural and safe food choice.

I encourage everyone with the means to buy organic as much as possible, and my hope for the world is that soon it will be much more abundant and accessible to everyone.

This brings me to why I've penned this article: if you, like me, believe in the good organics can do for our world, then buying organic isn’t enough.

We need to Stand Up for Organics in other ways, too.

For years, I have been a proud supporter of the nonprofit organization Canadian Organic Growers (COG). COG does a lot of really great work to help out all of the awesome farmers who work so hard to grow our delicious and healthy organic food. Some of the work they do includes publishing handbooks and a magazine with helpful information and tips on organic farming, running online and in-house courses on everything from seed-saving to the organic certification process, and doing research and working with the Canadian Government to make sure that Canadian standards and regulations are working in the best interests of organic farmers and consumers in Canada. It’s a pretty thankless job. Most of us probably don’t think much about all of the work that goes into maintaining the organic food system in Canada, even those of us who really do appreciate the literal, and metaphorical, fruits of their labour! If you are inclined, giving to COG’s Stand Up for Organics Campaign is a great way to show your appreciation.

Share photos of your organic food with #StandUpforOrganics to show your support for organic farmers!

To sum things up, here is a handy list of reasons why consumers should support COG, and organizations like it. COG also has this handy infographic you can share with your friends and followers on social media to encourage them to support organics too!


6 Reasons to Stand Up for Organics

  1. Our organic food system depends on COG to fill the gaps where organic farmers and consumers are under-served.
  2. COG's work depends on donations from concerned citizens who believe in what organics stands for and want to see this kind of food system succeed.
  3. COG’s work in the coming year will depend on how much money is raised now. More donations will mean a greater capacity to help organic farmers in 2019.
  4. More organic farmers will mean a cleaner and safer natural environment for us to live in.
  5. We want to make organic food available to everyone and help fill gaps in the system to make organic food more common and less expensive.
  6. We want to help support the amazing, hardworking farmers who produce the delicious organic food we eat!

#StandUpforOrganics by donating to COG today!


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