Happy Sushi Wraps

recipe Jul 29, 2020

This dish is just like sushi—without the white rice.  If you want to make these ahead, chop ingredients and then assemble the rolls at the last minute, as nori loses its crispness quickly. The avocado in this recipe is rich in vitamin B6, a critical nutrient for happy hormones. Enjoy this recipe through the winter to ensure a stress-free day.



1 small can salmon (drained well) 

1 tbsp mustard

1 tbsp vegan or keto mayonnaise

to taste unrefined sea salt 

6 sheets nori paper (roasted seaweed) 

2 cups baby spinach, loosely packed

1/2 large orange or red bell pepper, thinly sliced



1 large ripe avocado 

2 oz (55 g) pickled ginger or sliced pickle of choice



1. In a bowl, mash fish into small chunks and mix with mustard and mayo.

2. Make rolls: Place one nori sheet on a flat surface. Put 2 Tbsp of the fish end to end on nori about 1-inch (2.5 cm) from the bottom of sheet. Top with baby spinach, about 1 tablespoon (15 mL) drained pickled ginger or pickle of choice, two thin wedges of avocado, and bell pepper slices (to your individual taste). Roll tightly and enjoy as a hand roll.

Makes 6 wraps.

This recipe is a preview of my bestselling book, Slimming Meals That Heal.


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