Slimming Meals That Heal

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Donʼt Diet, Live-It!

Slimming Meals That Heal teaches you the science of permanent weight loss while satisfying your cravings, fueling your body, balancing your hormones AND building a healthy kitchen full of healing foods.

Explore delicious recipes that deliver fantastic meals while avoiding strain, brain drain & inflammatory pain.





I learned to conquer cravings, and you can too.

Shatter the myth that following restrictive diets (including counting calories) leads to lasting weight loss.


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Over 120 Amazing Gluten-Free Recipes

Artichoke-Leek Baked Frittata

Enjoy leek's stress-reducing bioflavonoid quercetin, deliciously antimicrobial oregano, liver-sustaining artichokes and supreme flavour.


Creamy Asparagus Soup

No need for dairy when coconut and cauliflower give a thick, creamy texture. Plus, asparagus is high in powerful antioxidants to prevent heart disease.


Best No-Bake Pumpkin Pie Ever!

This no-bake pie will be a hit at your dinner table and it won’t take up any prime real estate in the oven of a busy  kitchen!


"Julie helps put an end to fad diets so we can build a nurturing relationship with food and ourselves. Yes, food can be delicious AND make you feel incredible, Let Julie lead the way!"

Jessica Ortner
Producer of The Tapping Solution

"In Slimming Meals That Heal, readers will find plenty of priceless information, delivered in Julie's unique and inimitable style. "

William Davis, MD
Bestselling Author, Wheat Belly and Wheat Belly Cookbook

"The most cutting edge reasearch points to inflammation as the real culprit in weight gain. Julie Daniluk speaks to the very heart of the issue in this book with sound compelling information, practical advice and mouth-watering recipes. I can't recommend this book highly enough to anyone who is serious aobut solving their weight loss problems forever."

Jon Gabriel
International Bestselling Author and Creator of The Gabriel Method

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Attract your perfect life & body with this powerful guided download.

#3 : Yogi Shambu’s Meditation

Eliminate stress-induced weight gain with this audio download.

#4 : Brent Bishop's Workout Video

Target inflammatory weight gain with this amazing video download.

#5 : Start your Vitality Circle Guide

My free guide to start your own local or virtual Vitality Circle.


#6 : Dance to Heal Playlist

My playlist for jivin', boppin' & gettin' down in the kitchen!



Let Slimming Meals That Heal show you how!

Building on Meals That Heal Inflammation, this book illuminates how cravings and idle eating prevents you from achieving your health goals. Learn how to rebuild your gut and repair your digestive system by redefining your relationship with food.


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