Nourished Toronto | APRIL 14, 2019 | TORONTO, ON


Beach United Church - 140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto

Spend your Sunday exploring the tools of yoga, mediation and anti-inflammatory nutrition in this group workshop. Learn the principles of ultimate self-care that bring about a state of balance, connection and great joy. 

With Nutritionist & Eating Psychology Coach Julie Daniluk
– AND –
Mindfulness Consultant & Yoga Expert Sarah Walton

Surround yourself with the unparalleled support of health experts Julie Daniluk & Sarah Walton. Build personal energy and enthusiasm – that you've always dreamed of – and bring yourself into greater balance, creating a state of happiness.

What will you learn?

  • Julie's secrets for performance enhancement, boosting energy and mental clarity
  • A daily approach to mental and emotional maintenance
  • Sarah's stress-busting reflexology and massage techniques
  • 'Go-to' practices for pain relief and boundless vitality
  • Julie's favourite superfoods for powering up your healthy meals
  • Sarah's body energy mastery and mindfulness

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Nourished Toronto | APRIL 14, 2019 @2pm

Unlock more energy this spring! Grab your chance to enjoy a powerful workshop that gives you the tools you need for a breakthrough in your health & happiness.

$97.00 CAD


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