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Toronto, ON • Nov 10th @ 3:30PM

Whole Life Expo : Break-through pain & create longevity with easy nutrition hacks

  • Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building – 255 Front Street West
  • Time: 3:30 – 4:30PM
  • I will be in the Healthy Planet Booth after my presentation.
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Toronto, ON • Nov 11th @ 2pm

National Women's Show : Secrets to happiness and hormonal harmony

  • Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Downtown T-Dot!
  • Time: 2pm
  • I will be in the Nature’s Source booth after my presentation.
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Hamilton, ON • Dec 1st @ 1:30pm

Goodness Me! : Reducing STRESS over the holidays

Enjoy a vacation from stress and pain by embracing Julie’s healing tips this holiday season.

  • In this lecture, Julie shares science-based information that will shatter your need to diet and create your Live-It; a delicious new way of eating that reduces the background inflammation which cause pain and weight gain.
  • Plus, Julie shares important new techniques for emotional eating and how you can conquer your holiday anxiety and cravings.

Location: 1000 Upper Gage Ave.

Time: 1:30 – 3PM


I invite you to create for yourself the possibility of buoyant energy, joyful movement, delicious decadence and Juicy Vitality!


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