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My Hot Detox supports every major organ of your body as you cleanse. Learn the science of detoxification as it has never been explained before... along with beautiful and easy-to-understand medical illustrations and recipes!

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Hot Detox is the step-by-step 3-, 10- and 21-day plan.





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Mouthwatering Recipes to Stoke Your Fire

Fennel Ginger Salad

This delicious salad delivers the medicinal properties of umeboshi plums, avocado, hazelnuts & the healthy oils your adrenals need.


The Great Canadian Hemp Cookie!

This fan favourite is super high in easily-absorbed protein, very soothing for your digestion, and is really easy-to-make. Did I mention, delicious?


Warm Golden Milk

Did you know anti-inflammatory superheroes Ginger and Turmeric are botanically related? Together, soothing your digestion and reducing pain.


The Perfect Complement

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"The Hot Detox is wisdom you can taste! Every recipe uses a warming ingredient or cooking technique to fire up your digestive power, healing you from the inside out!"

Marilyn Denis
TV host of The Marilyn Denis Show

"Inflammation affects every aspect of your health. It is at the root of all disease. Drawing on ancient Asian and Indian wisdom using foods and natural approaches proven to detoxify, cleanse, and heal your gut, mind, and body, Julie has compiled yet another winning program for anyone who agrees that health is the most important thing you have. To get more of it, turn the page! "

Bryce Wylde, B.Sc. Hons., DHMHS
Associate Medical Director at P3Health | CityTv Health Expert | Medical Advisor DrOZ show

"Julie is so knowledgeable and passionate about food and its power to heal. How incredible to have so much of her wisdom (and fantastic recipes!) gathered in one place. A delicious book, an inspiring guide to good health."

Gillian Deacon
CBC TV & Radio Host and bestselling author of There's Lead in Your Lipstick: Toxins in Our Everyday Bodycare and How to Avoid Them

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A sneak peek of Yogi Shambu's life-changing complement to my Hot Detox 5-step PLAN. Get yourself firmly on the path to healing.


Add Hot Detox to your bookshelf NOW!


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The Hot Detox Plan uses metabolism-boosting spices and hearty recipes to reduce bloating, heal digestion and reset your vitality.


With a beautiful 3-, 10- or 21-day soul-satisfying detox plan found in this book!


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