When I was young, I spent every summer with my grandmother and was intrigued by her commitment to cleanse. For 50 years (until she was well into her 80s) my grandmother detoxified a few days a week.

At 94, her mind was sharp, her mood was bright and she had the blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity of a person half her age! I marvelled how her skin was silky smooth and her hair stayed strong and dark.

Since those summers with Grandma, I have explored the most popular methods of detoxification.

I have done water fasting, the lemonade “master cleanse” fast, the macrobiotic brown rice cleanse, the cold juice fast, the kichadi cleanse, the candida diet, the gallbladder flush, anti-parasite programs, herbal cleanses and even an extreme Ayurvedic cleanse with a saltwater purge.

Sadly, these extreme cleanses left me depleted, which damped my digestion and primed my gut for inflammation.

  • Water fasting didn’t provide any protection from the free radicals that are produced in the body through the process of metabolism.
  • The lemonade “master cleanse” sent my blood sugar flying...only to crash an hour later, and after a week on the fast, my mouth was full of canker sores and my moods erratic.
  • The brown rice cleanse was too high in carbohydrate and was so incredibly boring that I binged on all kinds of bad food choices as soon as it was over.
  • Cold juice fasting taxed my digestive fire and left me with indigestion.

To make matters worse...the lack of nutrition in these popular detox plans actually prevented  me from detoxing safely.

Here's why...

If you do not have a properly functioning bowel you’ll experience multiple toxic pileups on the freeway out of your body.

All the cells of your body, as well as your organs, rely upon a well-functioning bowel. Bowel cleansing is the first and most important thing to focus on as it opens the highway of detoxification. Imagine that your body systems working together to get the toxins from the tissues to the bowel, but it gets stopped by a log jam of toxin because the bowels are blocked.

If these toxins stop moving, they risk being picked up and recirculated back into the body. Yikes!

The Hot Detox will get your bowels working and moving properly by clearing toxic build up and congestion.

When you are young, your digestive juices are in their prime and work powerfully. Our digestive fire (called agni in Ayurveda) is the power of our digestive organs to process and absorb what we eat while burning off waste products. If we have a strong digestive fire, we are able to easily digest food and absorb its nutrients.

As you age, changes occur in your digestive tract. These changes lead to a decrease in digestive acid and enzymes, making it difficult to efficiently digest your food. It is typically at this stage in life when you may begin to experience a host of health problems, allergies, food sensitivities or food intolerances.

If we have a weak digestive fire, our body won’t digest well, creating an inflammatory environment. In turn, inflammatory foods can dampen the digestive fire by promoting negative microbes that disrupt the healthy microbiome of our gut ecology.

In fact, an inflammatory digestive environment can cause such a dramatic disturbance that we have a terrible time digesting and absorbing the foods we eat. We rely on our gut microbes, and if they are disrupted by poor eating habits, they can’t assist us with digestion.

Essentially, we are what we absorb.


Introducing The Hot Detox Program...a 21 day detox designed to cleanse your body safely & effectively with warming foods that help you heal from the inside-out.

Your body must have the nutrition it needs to effectively eliminate toxins...and the Hot Detox delivers this by first focusing on repairing, rebuilding and revitalizing the gut.

From there, your other detoxification organs can work efficiently together...without the harsh side effects of extreme protocols or fad cleanses.

When you follow the Hot Detox process...

… you will find the right words to say because your mind is razor sharp

… you will take that hike on your bucket list because you can breathe easily and climb effortlessly

… you will have so much energy to create that dream project deep inside you.

I completely understand what it feels like to be in pain. I know you’re looking for an answer and have spent money and time on past programs failed you. But you still don’t feel quite 100% and you still may experience...

  • Allergies to foods that you were NEVER allergic to before

  • Constantly feeling lethargic and depleted

  • Limping around from painful and stiff joints

  • Fear of going out too far away from a bathroom or constipation so hard you see blood in your stools

  • Brain fog so bad even finding common words to say didn’t come out

Here’s what my near-death experience taught me about detox & how to overcome living half a life...

In my early 30s I had just become a nutritionist and was taking a trip of a lifetime to Australia and Asia when the hammer came down. I ate the wrong Pad Thai, and the food poisoning nearly killed me. My fever ran so high that I could not even walk! Thankfully a friend carried me to a nearby nursing station, where emergency measures saved my life.

Although aggressive antibiotics saved me, the poisonous infection ravaged my gut and left me with post-infectious colitis. This inflammatory condition soon spread throughout my body and I began to suffer from arthritis, bursitis, brain fog, anxiety and pain.  I remember feeling so tired that all I could do was make it to the couch after a long day. I felt like I was 70 living in a 30 year old body.

That experience was truly devastating, but I realized I had a choice. I could spend my life under the curse of inflammatory pain or I could find a way back to wellness. I began to research and apply what I learned and day by day, I was able to regain my health.

Now, I am in full remission and living an incredibly joyful life with my husband, Alan. I am pain-free and filled with so much authentic energy, I want to share this feeling with you!

The Hot Detox is a deep cleansing program that serves up a delicious warming menu with anti-inflammatory remedies that spark digestive vitality. Results are not obtained through deprivation, special supplements or depleting your body of its essential nutrients.

You can have delicious, healing food with a balanced approach over 21 days instead of a crash diet or fast that will leave you jonesing for sugary or fried junk food. Plus, following the Hot Detox offers you the opportunity to lose weight, improve your skin and boost your mood, ensuring you look smoking hot!

The Hot Detox is easy and will NOT inconvenience your life:

  • You can find most Hot Detox ingredients at large grocery stores
  • Hot Detox menu plans and shopping lists keep things won’t have to do extra shopping
  • You don’t require special equipment...if you have a blender and a good knife, you can do this cleanse
  • Anybody can prepare the Hot Detox won’t find confusing or extravagant cooking techniques or methods
  • Hot Detox plan adapts to your schedule. Follow the Busy-Person’s menu with pre-made suggestions and fast delicious favorites. Or, if you love to cook, you can follow the complete menu filled with all of my Hot Detox recipes.
  • Hot Detox fits into most eating preferences including vegan, paleo, keto, etc.
  • Hot Detox speeds up meal prep with batch cooking to minimize time in the kitchen while delivering maximum results.
  • Each daily lesson takes 15 minutes to complete, so you can watch while you cook!

All of your program materials are on a simple private website that you can access anytime by your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Think of it as your cozy new wellness home where you can find your recipes, menu plans, shopping lists, videos and so on. We’ve provided everything you need so that you can focus on what really matters…your success.

  • In 3 days you may feel … your brain fog lift and your mental clarity return
  • In 5 days you may feel … your energy return & bloating reduce
  • In 10 days you may feel … slimmer and trimmer, and may even lose a dress size
  • In 14 days you’ll more likely … go to the bathroom more regularly, experience less constipation and discomfort
  • In 21 days you’ll feel … hormonal balance, cravings conquered & a vibrant zest for life!

The Hot Detox Program is the healing blueprint that will set you up for success. It’s a loving home base that you can return to whenever you need to reset. Not only will it help you now, but it will set you up for a lifetime of healthy living and vitality.


The unfortunate truth is that most people are running on empty. Maybe you are living in fight or flight, with a stressed out work life that doesn’t serve you long term. Maybe you have some anxiety about the future because you don’t feel great right now and wonder how things will play out as you get older?

Maybe you suffer from a health condition, and all the worry gets compounded, you begin to feel isolated from others feel like you are watching life from the side lines.

If you feel short on time, that life is so busy to start something new or that tempting fast food is everywhere, you are not alone. A recent survey shared that the 2 out of 5 people last less than a week on a diet before they go back to their old lifestyle.

I’ve helped thousands of people find vibrant health again, even through very tough circumstances.

The good news is that I have been a nutritionist for over 20 years and have the tools that can make a real difference. I’ve written 3 award-winning books, been on nationally-syndicated TV shows (including the Dr. Oz Show and the Marilyn Denis Show), given keynote lectures around the world and created programs that have helped thousands of people come back from the brink of illness to a state of vibrancy.

I’ve designed the Hot Detox to be a step-by-step program for YOUR journey to wellness. It’s like stepping into my kitchen to try the foods and habits that helped me clear out the toxins and heal my body.

The Hot Detox Program is the program I wish I had when I was recovering from my illness. It’s taken me years to fine tune it and provide a proven system that has helped thousands of people start their own healing path. I wanted it to be fun and that people loved the process. Plus, it had to be able to fit into busy lifestyles and avoided any expensive supplements or protocols.

The Hot Detox Program Only Takes 15 Minutes a Day To Learn How To Create Delicious Healing Meals

It really comes down to enjoying good, wholesome food. In just 3 weeks people typically report experiencing these kinds of results…

  • Better moods, including reduced anxiety and depression
  • Improved skin texture and color, including reduction in acne and eczema
  • Improved memory, sharper focus and greater attention span
  • Reduced bloating and swelling
  • Reduced food sensitivities and seasonal allergies
  • Balanced blood sugar levels/reduction in type 2 diabetes
  • Improved digestive function (bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea) including reduction of irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease symptoms
  • Reduced joint pain, making it a great jumpstart program for people dealing with arthritis


And many other benefits, including:

  • A greater commitment to long-term health
  • Greater flexibility/reduction of stiffness
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Improved grip strength
  • Increased interest in vegetables
  • Improved kidney, liver and gallbladder function
  • Improved libido
  • Improved thyroid function/balanced hormones
  • Pain relief, including migraine and headache relief
  • Reduced asthma
  • Less muscle and joint inflammation
  • Lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  • Stronger hair and nails
  • Stress relief
  • Weight loss



Learn how Sylvia avoided surgery, got her mobility back, lost 25 lbs & found a level of vitality that she (and her doctors) never thought possible.

"Julie’s 21-Day Hot Detox is such a preparation for the rest of one’s life. It is a guide for anyone in search of health, energy and emotional well-being. Before the program, I felt like I was sipping daily on a huge inflammatory cocktail which sent pain bubbling through my veins and tissues, creating fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, macular degeneration, depression, anxiety and deep, deep fatigue. I am 73 now and I thank God a precious wave came along and pushed my misguided craft toward Julie and her life-saving program waiting on the Island of Wellness. Her island full of delicious food is one of “no return”. This is how I visualize it ... never, never, never going back to the delusional and deceptive shores of inflammatory foods!"

~ Arlene B.

"Thank you thank you thank you for this amazing cleanse! I adore your food! It’s like I’ve been given my youth back but with a more enlightened mind and soul. I’m starting this cleanse over. I love ya’ll"

~ Franna

"My husband and I had lots of inflammation and the Hot Detox was amazing! You designed it so well. We could shop and prepare with your help. The videos are awesome. I now crave the feeling of being inflammation free now that I have felt pain free first hand! The fog was gone and joints were free from pain. I lost some weight, which I have not been able to do for 15 years. My 22-year-old even joined us on our journey… which amazed me. Thank you so much!"

~ Roxanne G.

"Thank you for doing the hot detox along side us. Having your constant and continued support made it so much easier for me. I feel so energized and healthy. I have learned to give time to myself so that I am able to give to my family I’ll continue to incorporate your Hot Detox recipes into my daily routine."

~ Heather

"I am blown away by the changes I have had on the Hot Detox. I don’t get shaky when I am hungry. I am so satiated that the urge to grab fast food, sugar & chips is just gone! My stomach was flatter in 3 days. Seeing that scale go down 7 lbs. is FANTASTIC! My muffin top is like a mini muffin instead of a Costco size!! Between how I feel after eating and the satisfaction of learning the skill of cooking that nobody ever thought they'd live to see…I think I'm on a path to change forever."

Jacquie T.




Get excited, stock your pantry and learn about what to expect. I’ll guide you through meal prep & safe food storage tips.


Nourish your body with delicious meals that are progressively easier to digest. Reduce toxin intake by eliminating sugar, dairy, gluten, artificial ingredients & conventional meats.


A completely liquid menu of delicious smoothies, pureed soups & healing teas to give your digestive system the deep rest it needs to heal.


Keep your cleanse going with anti-inflammatory wholesome meals that satisfy, plus detox yoga for all levels. 


We finish up with 4 days of tools and tips for keeping your new healthy habits going.


Join Me On The Hot Detox LIVE  Coaching Calls

I'm providing 5 GROUP COACHING CALLS (one call for each phase of the program) that will give you extra support, answer your questions and bring your Hot Detox to the next level!



PHASE 2 CALL: May 18 @ 7 PM ET

PHASE 3 CALL: May 25 @ 7 PM ET


* All calls are conducted and recorded on Zoom software and can be joined by either computer or telephone. 


Superfoods Guide (Value $19)

I’ve spent months researching the nutrient profiles of the most potent superfoods and put them in a beautiful guide just for you.

Low-Carb Menu Plan (Value $47)

Ramp up your fat burning capacity and reset your metabolism. With step-by-step instructions, this menu slashes carbohydrates yet is full of flavour!

My mission is to empower you to live a happy, healthy life full of joy and vitality! 

I remember how much time, energy and money I spent doing cleanse after cleanse in my search for healing and wellness. I want you to experience the freedom that comes from following and completing a proven method for healthy detoxification of your body...and I truly believe the Hot Detox Program is what you’ve been looking for!


Don't wake up tomorrow and let regret hit you with a stiff back, bloated belly or constantly sneezing every time you pass a blossoming tree or grassy field.

PLEASE NOTE: I only run the Live Coaching Program once or twice per year. Then I close it down so that I can focus my full attention on the program participants.

And because I no longer do 1-on-1 consultations, this is one of the few opportunities you have to work directly with me. So let’s do this!

I look forward to supporting you in the program!


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