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recipe Oct 03, 2018

Make your own Celery Salt or Herb Salt!

The tender, light green inner leaves of celery heads often get thrown away even though they are packed with strong flavours that garnish side dishes well.

While you're picking the leaves from all your fresh herbs, be sure to hang onto the stems that often fill up compost bins.

  1. Dehydrate celery leaves and herb stems in a 150oF oven until they are dry, not brown.
  2. Let them cool and then pulverize them with some grey sea or pink rock salt in a spice mill.
  3. Store at room temperature in an airtight container.


Cauliflower & Broccoli Leaves

If you plan to roast cauliflower or steam broccoli, save the leaves! Thinly slice the leaves AND roast them in the oven with some sea salt and avocado oil until golden. These delicious treats will give any salad or side dish a flavour boost.


Blender Soups

Do you have extra gravy, squash, caramelized onions or cooked greens? Just blend them up into a soup! The gravy and onions will add a deep richness that will surprise you. No recipe is required!

  • Warm up some non-dairy 'milk', seasoning and sea salt and keep tasting until it is balanced to your taste preference.

Turkey Bones

When your turkey has been stripped clean, pop the turkey bones and veggie scraps into the freezer and, come next weekend, make a stock for soup. That's right, along with other veggie scraps, cook up a free broth! Here is a recipe if you need help with ratios.


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