How to Get Rid of Sugar Cravings

healthy living Apr 06, 2023

Got a sweet tooth you just can't shake? You're not alone!

But don't worry, just try these sweet strategies to help you reduce your sugar cravings:

1. Be a Trigger Detective: Do some snooping to figure out what triggers your sweet tooth; stress, boredom, or a big family events perhaps? Once you know the culprit, you can take action to curb those cravings.

2. Three Food Interference It Up: Next time you have a craving, follow this three step process before to help stabilize your blood sugar:

  1. Eat protein - Give hemp hearts a try or a few eggs.
  2. Eat fat - My go-to is coconut yogurt with low-carb granola or some avocado
  3. Eat fibre - Celery sticks with a protein-rich bean dip is a rocking option

Then if you eat your craving, at lease your blood sugar will remain balanced and you will feel more grounded. It's might also have you skip the cravings altogether!

3. Treat Instead of Cheat: One of my favourite ways to help people transition away from sugar cravings is to find healthy and delicious treats that you can have every day instead of restricting yourself and then going all out on a cheat day. This can seriously derail your health efforts as one day turns into two and then next thing you know you are "cheating" instead of "treating" every day.

A few healthy treats I love making to curb cravings fast:

Bonus: Now let's say that sugar does accidentally make it's way into your food... what then? Lean on your Sugar Balance superhero! I created this blood sugar balancing formula specifically to bring you back on your feet during a wild sugar ride or to help buffer the negative effects of processed sugars.

Learn more here

Oh yeah, and remember: you're already sweet enough!


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