4 Ways to Detoxify with Bend Beauty

healthy living Apr 27, 2022

Today, I want to talk to you about your skin, and the concept of detoxification.  

Your Skin – The Largest Organ of Your Body 

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. You have up to two square meters (18 square feet) of skin, and it is approximately three millimeters thick. What we touch and place on our skin is absorbed into the body, making it one of the largest areas for toxin absorption. 

In the past it was thought that the skin worked simply as a barrier to block toxins from entering the body. In the last decade, we have started to understand how permeable the skin really is.  

Fortunately, the skin is also one of the places that the body is best able to get rid of toxins. Your skin detoxifies primarily by sweating. Science has shown that the body releases certain toxins through sweat more easily than through bowel movements or urine. The human body has 4 million sweat glands, or about 650 sweat glands per square inch of skin. This means 650 opportunities per square inch to sweat out impurities! You can help the skin do its job properly by keeping it in tiptop shape.  

4 Ways To Detoxify Beautifully  

1. Sugar Sugar 

One of the most important factors for improving skin health is to stop eating refined sugar, including products that contain high-fructose corn syrup. Eating sugar causes a reaction called glycation, in which the sugar in your bloodstream attaches to protein or fat and forms harmful molecules called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). The more sugar you eat, the more of these AGEs you develop. If you accumulate a lot of AGEs in your system, they begin to damage surrounding proteins, such as the collagen and elastin that keep your skin firm and elastic. Sugar literally ages you on a cellular level, making you look older! The good news is Bend Beauty Renew and Protect reduces the impact that sugar has on the skin by increasing insulin sensitivity. 


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2. Feel Hot to Look Hot! 

Some doctors specializing in chronic illness caused by environmental factors have measured their patients’ sweat and concluded that sweat indeed removes toxins from the body. Studies are showing that toxic metals, phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) are eliminated in sweat much more efficiently than in urine, or any other method of detox. Anyone struggling with hormonal imbalances can benefit from ridding the body of these harmful substances.  

Mercury and cadmium contamination may alter the gastrointestinal absorption of essential nutrients, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies, skin inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease.  Now there’s even a better reason to get your sweat on! 

3. Give Yourself an Oil Change 

Liver detoxification is improved when we include good-quality fats in our diet. In today’s world, most people eat poor-quality or rancid fats, which cause terrible dissonance in the liver. Omega-3s like those found in Renew + Protect make the body’s cell membranes less rigid and more permeable, allowing toxins to be effectively exchanged in and out of the cell. Bend Beauty’s product is the best choice because of its high level of EPA, incredible environmental sourcing, and added antioxidants. It is the ideal blend to reduce skin inflammation. Due to their powerful anti-inflammatory benefit, sustainable fish (such as anchovies, black cod, herring, mackerel, salmon and sardines) are good choices to incorporate into your diet. Vegetarian sources include algae, flax, chia, walnut, and camelina seeds but unfortunately the body struggles to convert it’s Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) into the anti-inflammatory Omega-3 called Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

4. Herbs to the Rescue 

Bitter herbs and vegetables such as globe artichokes, broccoli, dandelion, gentian, turmeric, cardamom, burdock, and ginger, which help flush bile from the body. Certain herbs and spices can protect your liver, making them great choices to include in your diet. Milk thistle, schisandra and turmeric are some of my favorites. Burdock, artichoke, and dandelion are also popular choices. I love that Bend Beauty’s Reset has 4 mg of sulforaphane and 250 mg of certified organic milk thistle, so it works powerfully to cleanse the liver, balance hormones, and dramatically improve your skin.  

5. BONUS! A Free Hot Detox Masterclass  

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