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Hello Friends, I'm Julie Daniluk

I feel most alive when coaching you on how to heal and restore your health with food.

To that end, I invite you to discover more about me and what we can do together.

I am here to help you discover and choose your own anti-inflammatory Live-It, instead of restricting yourself to a rigid, outdated method of strict diet control. With inspiration, coaching & extensive nutritional knowledge, together we will create breakthrough results that transform your health.

Together, we will create positive, fulfilling, delicious food experiences so you can fall in love with meals that love you back.

My Early Struggles with Food

When I was seven, my mom figured out that food allergies and sensitivities were at the root of my health problems. When they took me off sugar, red dye, artificial preservatives and flavours, I blossomed overnight. I slept for eight hours for the first time in my life. I was able to focus in school and my grades improved dramatically.

As long as I stayed on a natural diet, I was a transformed kid.

I was happy, calm and confident until I discovered my secret obsession : cookies and ice cream. When I turned 16-years-old, I rebelled. I went back to eating refined foods, and despite how horrible I felt after eating foods I was allergic to, I found myself unable to stop. I would eat and eat until the food just came back up. I didn't know that was called bulimia, I only thought, "I'm the only one on the planet who eats this way." This secret ritual continued for years. I tried to only do it when I was at home, alone, and I would hide the evidence.

The effects of bulimia eventually took their toll.

My stomach lost its ability to digest my meals correctly. Even if I ate something healthy, if it contained a bit of something that didn’t agree with me, I had to fight to keep it down. My stomach became very weak from years of abuse, and I started to have more bouts of food poisoning (which happens when the pH in your stomach is not low enough to kill off bacteria or mould in food). Even though my sister tried to help me, I found it hard to slow down my bulimic episodes - I didn’t know how to replace my only coping mechanism. Food had become my drug of choice, helping me forget any emotional pain.

I Decided to Take My Life Back.

Living with an eating disorder throughout my early 20s, I can relate to that feeling of being out of control. I started months of tough therapy where I learned to express my true feelings and draw boundaries with others. I was able to dissect the reasons for my self-abuse with food. I slowly assembled a toolbox of coping methods that helped me heal.

By addressing emotional eating issues, it is possible to break-free of habits that no longer serve us. It took me a number of years to really stop the bingeing for good and heal my gut. My desire to be fully engaged in life began to outweigh the few moments of pleasure I got from tasting something to which I was allergic.

I learned that I could make treats that didn’t cause allergic reactions, so now, I have my cake and eat it, too!

By listening to my intuition about nutrition, and learning which foods were nourishing, I became a more conscious and caring person.

So if you're ready to kick-start your healing journey, let's do this!



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