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The #1 reason people fail at transforming their lives is a lack of motivation, strategy and support, and we’re here to change that. Join the Meals That Heal Thrive Hive for expert advice from our team of health and wellness professionals, gain support from your fellow Thrivers, and go from “just surviving” to “thriving”!

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Thrive Hive is a health and wellness support group that combines science-backed health solutions with inspiring and effective motivational techniques to help you reach your wellness goals. 

Because most people either have the wellness know-how but no motivation, or have plenty of motivation but faulty wellness information, we decided to combine the best of both worlds in one highly attentive, experienced, and supportive group of experts and fellow Thrivers.


Thrive Hive is not a Facebook group. It’s hosted on our website and is monitored and organized by our experts. Rather than joining a free facebook group with questionable information, lazy admins, and no additional resources, you’ll be taken care of by our team and treated like family, while also getting a highly valuable and super well-rounded wellness education from vetted experts.


This isn’t your average “forum-style” group. As a Thrive Hive member, you’ll receive a weekly live check-in to help you stay on track, as well as constant motivation from your fellow Thrivers. 

Our team has over 80 years of combined experience and education in not just physical health, but also mental health and motivational exercises. Unlike other groups where you just get bombarded with information, we listen to your story and talk you through how to use what we teach you. Plus, we consider the necessary mental drivers you need to get your butt in gear and start transforming your life. 

With this much support, education, positive energy, and love, your journey to becoming healthy, flexible, and resilient will become practically fail-proof. 

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Imagine you’re at the top of the world’s tallest, scariest water slide. You want to go down because you know you’ll be proud of yourself when you reach the bottom, but…

...It’s scary.

If you’ve tried every diet, countless ineffective exercises, and are just plain tired of constantly fizzling out and giving up, then this group is for you. It’s the “push” you need to reach your goals because once we get to meet you and become best friends, we simply won’t let you fail

That being said, if you need to see results and feel healthier and happier once and for all, then strap in for the exhilarating ride that is Thrive Hive. (And don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand if you need it).

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Julie Daniluk

Nutritionist & Award-Winning Author

Julie is a Registered Nutritionist and host of Healthy Gourmet, a reality cooking show aired in over 70 countries. A highly sought-after anti-inflammatory expert and speaker, she is an award-winning author of 4 bestselling books. Her latest book Becoming Sugar-free became a #1 National bestseller in less than one month after release.

Julie's passion is to speak in venues around North America where she blends her skills and experience in fun and positive ways to provide breakthrough results with her audiences. After graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, she studied culinary arts at George Brown College, herbalism at Emerson Herbal College, and life coaching with Tony Robbins. 

Julie has appeared on hundreds of TV programs including The Dr. Oz Show, Evolve with John Edward, CTV News, Global TV, The Social, Canada AM and CBC Radio. You may know her best as a resident nutrition expert for the #1 Canadian Daytime TV show, The Marilyn Denis Show.

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Lynn Daniluk

Community Herbalist

Lynn graduated from Sheridan College with a diploma in Early Childhood Education and Developmental Services. She is certified in Touch For Health I-III, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner I-IV, Nutritional Kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis and is a Reiki Master. She is currently completing her Clinical Herbalist diploma at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing.

Lynn is renowned for her excellent customer service, compassionate heart and “boots-on-the-ground” real-life practical knowledge for all of our online healing programs.

Yogi Shambu

Yoga Instructor & Distance Healer

Yogi Shambu (Steven Daniluk) is a Canadian yogi specializing in distance healing for crises, performance enhancement and spiritual growth. He is certified in Touch For Health I-III and Professional Kinesiology Practitioner I-IV. He has maintained a practice for over twenty five years teaching yoga and meditation techniques that can be performed throughout our daily lives.

Shambu has become a welcome addition to our online training programs and is excited to assist people in Thrive Hive with amazing tools for stress relief, increased resilience and performance enhancement.

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Alan Smith


Alan graduated from McGill University with a degree in Neuroscience. He went on to earn a teaching degree at the University of Toronto and to study Leadership and Communication coaching with Theresa Jabbour and Tony Robbins.

Alan is a powerful activator and combines his skills for Thrive Hive as a motivational and visualization coach. Spend time with him to get clear on your goals and learn to apply the tools to manifest your best self.

Taevan Gangnier

Certified Personal Trainer, Movement & Mobility Specialist, Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms), Functional Range Assessment Specialist (FRAs)

For the last 10 years, Taevan has devoted himself to studying and teaching movement in many different forms (strength & conditioning, mobility & soft-tissue work, endurance training, and breathwork) to help his clients unlock their full human potential.

He has studied internationally with leaders in the movement & breathwork realm such as Dr. Kelly Starrett, Ido Portal, Brian MacKenzie, Dr. Andreo Spina, and Wim Hof.

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Stephanie Walker

B.A. Psychology, MTH Program Mentor, Healing Educator, MTH Program Designer, & Editor

Stephanie graduated from Trent University with a degree in Psychology, and soon after pursued meditation, healing, and inner transformation. She received certifications in Meditation and Group Facilitation, and as a Bellyfit Instructor, further training in numerous healing modalities, including inner conflict resolution, Shamanism, Reiki, Qi Gong, and Chinese Acupressure Massage and Energy Healing. As a freelance health writer, she has taught about wellness and the healing process.         

Stephanie has 21 years’ experience in the wellness field, and 13 years’ experience in recovery from childhood trauma and chronic illness. She is a compassionate guide and companion on your health journey, holding you accountable to your goals, and providing practical and emotional support as you embrace the freedom of self-empowerment and true vitality.

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Our team has enough education and experience in health, wellness, and motivation that we could probably open our own university. Luckily, you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars for the same collegiate-level information and expert tricks and tips.

The secret that makes becoming a Thrive Hive member so extraordinarily valuable is our All Hands On Health™ approach, which combines our team members’ experience to provide you with modern and highly effective methods of neuroscience, anti-inflammatory nutrition, herbology, movement, yoga, and meditation to attack your health limitations at all angles until we find what works for you.

Now, how’s that for a support group?



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"I've completely turned my life around with the support of Thrive Hive. I have broken many unhealthy habits. I have quite refined sugar which is a huge accomplishment for me. I'm dancing again and making sure each day includes something active. I was in a health slump before Thrive Hive just sitting on the couch a lot and playing mindless phone games and feeling very down. Now I listen to TH support calls in the morning, I stand up if I have to scroll my phone, I go to bed and get up earlier, I'm eating lots of veggies and enjoy cooking again. TH has had a profound impact on my life."

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"While working outside with my Grandson who is six, I thought to myself wow, he hasn't stopped talking since waking up…then I smiled and reflected that it is 2:00 p.m. and I am still listening to his constant (and funny) chatter. Back in May, June, and July...I would have been too tired and had a mid-afternoon nap. Different story since August when I switched to Anti-Inflammatory Live-It. Now we were actively outside and thoroughly enjoying each other's company. While working away, I quietly reflected on being sugar-free, gluten-free and yeast-free for 7 weeks and giving thanks for all the foods that helped me accomplish this. A while later my Grandson reached to hold my hand while on a hike and said, "Grandma, did the vegetables take away the pain in your fingers?” Yes, they definitely did! So grateful!"

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"There's so much great stuff on the Thrive Hive website for us. Thanks for all your hard work making this the best place for me to be!"



"The movement coaching calls have been exceptionally powerful for helping me find more versatility and ongoing flow with my body. My food choices are greatly improved by the community & weekly calls. Sometimes just one comment gives me an “aha” moment. As I’ve started experimenting with a cleaner diet and lessening my sugar I have realized how strong my body has become. It’s taken me a bit to graciously listen to what foods suit me and what don’t which I now know right away. Thank you to the Daniluk team for the education and encouragement to help me learn and apply this knowledge to my daily lifestyle."

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Thrive Hive Coaching & Community Membership

All Hands On Healthâ„¢ Experience

Included in Thrive Hive:

  • Weekly group support calls on Zoom with a team of health experts (Value: $597)

  • Members-Only Community on our secure website, NOT Facebook! (Value: $297)

  • Thrive Hive Website, where you access your members-only documents, recipes, movement trainings, meditations, and coaching call recordings (Value: $297) 

  • A monthly training bundle: documents, checklists, PDFs (Value: $97) 

  • Masterclasses with guest experts (Value: $97) 

  • 30-Day challenges for a chance to win a grand prize every month (Value: $97)

Total Value: $1,482

Regular Price: $119 CAD/monthly

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If you’re looking for a loving environment, a plethora of effective information and exercises, and are finally ready to reach true vitality, then jump in right now. We can’t wait to meet you!




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