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The Becoming Sugar-Free 30-Day Challenge

The step-by-step process to break up with inflammatory sugars and embrace a naturally sweet life!

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30-Day Access To Thrive Hive Coaching & Community Membership For LIVE Weekly Coaching & Support ($1,482 Value)

30 Days Of Video Coaching From Julie Daniluk ($997 Value)

Becoming Sugar-Free Success Power Pack Tools ($547 Value)

  • Tool #1 The NEW “One-Pager” Interactive Digital Workbook For Each Video Lesson
  • Tool #2 Becoming Sugar-Free Shopping Video Guide & List To Save Time & Money
  • Tool #3 Recorded Sugar-Free Shopping Tour with Julie Daniluk
  • Tool #4 Sugar-Free Food Journal Template To Easily Identifying Harmful Foods
  • Tool #5 Perfect Portions Guide For Ideal Energy & Weight Balance
  • Tool #6 Julie's Ready-Made Sugar-Free Products Recommendations Guide
  • Tool #7 Healthy Sweeteners Guide For Easy Sugar-Free Cooking & Baking
  • Tool #8 Julie's Top Tips & Tricks For Becoming Sugar-Free While Dining Out 
  • Tool #9 “Live-It For Life” After Challenge Blueprint For Unstoppable Results

5 BSF Cooking Classes, 60 Recipes, 3 Menu Plans ($397 Value)

30-Day Access To BSF Challenge Community within Thrive Hive ($297 Value)

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What People Are Saying:

Before I met Julie, I was unhappy, unhealthy, and basically a hot mess. I was so stressed that my life was a cycle of eating, watching TV, snacking, working and more snacking… By week 3 of the program I wasn’t crying or feeling anxious. I went into this wanting to lose weight and I lost over 35 pounds. My skin issues cleared up, my stress is under control, my brain fog is gone and I have so much clarity of thought. Most importantly I am now my own friend…and that means more than anything. I found myself in this process and I think Julie knew that would happen all along.


I am always learning from Julie - I have combatted chronic yeast, removed harmful medications, and lost 45 lbs! I have learned how to have healthy snacks at my fingertips. I have learned about what food choices really work for me. I have been so thankful for the support to eat healthy and now I can live life to the max. Now I can sit cross legged. Now I can garden without pain. Now I have dozens of solutions to help me let go of sugar and flour for good. My friends and family see how much I have transformed! I look forward to 2022 to continue my journey and my new found Live It!

Roxanne G

The day 7 video of the Becoming Sugar-Free program is AMAZING! I am grateful for you, Julie! I am grateful for you sharing a difficult experience with food! I could feel your “past pain”! I so appreciate you being vulnerable! This makes it real! Every cook book I own or Chef/Nutritionist I see on TV or social media I would say to myself: “sure they eat the way they eat because it is easy for them”. I wish a book/program would be created by someone who struggled with food/ emotional eating/ cravings etc It is refreshing to know that you have been there! Your testimony is more effective in the video than if you would have shared it in your book! The real stories you share give hope to others doubting themselves!!!!! Thank you for being real!

Nancy Sullivan

Working up to 14 hours on television sets, my energy often plummeted. I found myself completely addicted to sugar - dreaming of what would next satisfy my endless passion for sweet. When I learned from Julie how dangerous sugar can be i.e. creating hormonal imbalances and increased inflammation, I decided to cut sugar out. My addiction had become so serious that I got the shakes, headaches and anxiety when my blood sugar dropped low. All of that is behind me now and I feel incredible freedom. I am able to enjoy the natural sweetness in food and learned so many of Julie’s fun sugar-free recipes that I don’t miss sugar at all!

Tanya Scata

I grew up in a home with nothing but the very best in German baking! It was not uncommon for us to have cake for breakfast! I had a sugar addiction that I fought my whole life! Sometimes I won and when I was stressed or upset, I lost it. When I started coaching with Julie two years ago, I finally kicked the battle with sugar for good! I have discovered that Julie has substitutions for everything you can imagine, satisfying a desire for dessert or carbs. I have even learned to take her principles and create my own unique creations that are worthy of even my family's praise! The freedom that comes with kicking an addiction is difficult to explain but it is life-changing. I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER!

Sylvia Marusyk

Hi Julie, thank you for checking in with me. I am really grateful that you and your program came to my attention, that's thanks to Patti, a dear friend of mine who's also registered in this session. I'm 100% in and enjoying the recipes and all the support materials and your videos and the community very much! My roster is full and I'm delighted with the results I'm already seeing. My kitchen is undergoing a major transformation, as I feel I am too! So, yes, thank you very much.

Patty Smith

While working outside with my Grandson who is six, I thought to myself wow, he hasn't stopped talking since waking up…then I smiled and reflected that it is 2:00 p.m. and I am still listening to his constant (and funny) chatter. Back in May, June, and July...I would have been too tired and had a mid-afternoon nap. Different story since August when I switched to Anti-Inflammatory Live-It. Now we were actively outside and thoroughly enjoying each other's company. While working away, I quietly reflected on being sugar-free, gluten-free and yeast-free for 7 weeks and giving thanks for all the foods that helped me accomplish this. A while later my Grandson reached to hold my hand while on a hike and said, "Grandma, did the vegetables take away the pain in your fingers?” Yes, they definitely did! So grateful!

Sue K.