Newsflash ~ Is Your Chocolate High in Lead?

healthy living Feb 07, 2023

Did you hear the latest news? Hundreds of people have been reaching out to me asking about the recent Consumer Report that shows some chocolate brands are contaminated with heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. 

When we heard the news, Team Daniluk flew into action, reaching out to our fellow chocolate brands to ask for proof of analysis so we could advise you of the brands that are low in heavy metals.

The good news is there are high quality brands that are low in metals. We found three local companies, Giddy Yo-Yo, Chocosol Traders, and Zazubean, that have had their chocolate 3rd party tested for heavy metals and bacteria.

So you don't need to give up the health benefits of dark chocolate. Just be sure to pick one that has proven to be safe. Contact the chocolate manufacture directly and ask to see the proof of 3rd party testing.

Why consume chocolate? Dark chocolate can boost your energy, mood, and focus. Sugar-free chocolate reduces blood pressure and protects the heart! 

Why is chocolate high in heavy metals?

Unfortunately many areas of our world have been contaminated with toxins such as pesticides, herbicides (such as glyphosate), and heavy metals. If a plant is grown in contaminated soil it will uptake and accumulate these toxins. 

Lead contamination often occurs after harvesting the cocoa bean during when the raw product is dried, processed, manufactured, and shipped.

Does organic certification protect us? It can protect us from pesticides, herbicides but organic certification doesn't mean your favourite chocolate bar is tested for heavy metals. 

My friend Josh Gitalis found this: "In this study of a Greek market, researchers compared cadmium and lead levels in a variety of organic and conventional foods. They found that the organic products had lower cadmium and lead levels than the conventional."

So how bad is lead and cadmium for you?

According to the Consumer Reports food researchers, “...consistent, long-term exposure to even small amounts of heavy metals can lead to a variety of health issues."

The trouble is heavy metals accumulate in many popular foods such as brown rice, fish, unfiltered water, peas, cannabis, sweet potatoes, and mustard greens, as well as other crops.
That means lead can wind up in the products you may have in your pantry, such as:

  • baby food
  • energy bars
  • hot cocoa
  • protein shakes
  • meat substitutes

Don't throw out the chocolate baby with the toxic bathwater! Instead, let's call for a clean-up of the chocolate industry with strict testing standards.

Help spread the word and share this blog post. Reach out to your favourite chocolate company to ensure you are eating the healthiest brand.

I will continue to enjoy well tested chocolate, because it contains phenylethylamine (PEA). This is the same substance your brain makes when you are in love. ❤️ Along with the heart protective benefits of the flavonoids, chocolate helps you remain alert and focused. It can really help you get through a rough day.

If you have any of these symptoms, then get your doctor to check your lead levels:

  • memory loss
  • joint pain
  • high blood pressure
  • hallucinations
  • urinary tract infections
  • hair loss
  • exhaustion
  • anemia
  • reduced IQ
  • cognitive impairment
  • heart disease

My Hot Detox Program can help remove harmful chemicals from your body.

If you discover you have heavy metal poisoning consider these supports:

Sweat It Out: Sweating helps your body get rid of toxins.[18] Take an infrared sauna — they don’t get as hot, so you can sweat longer. (Just make sure you drink lots of fluids and take pink sea salt to replenish the electrolytes your body loses through sweat).

Take Chlorella: This is a type of algae that works well for detoxing from heavy metal exposure.

Take Glutathione: This supplement is an antioxidant that supports liver enzymes which break down heavy metals. It also supports your immune system and protects your cells.

Exercise: Fat tissue naturally holds onto toxins. When you burn fat, you break down fatty tissue and release those toxins.

Remove Toxic Foods: The Hot Detox Program can help you with this!























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