Blueberry Hemp Stress-Buster Smoothie

recipe May 24, 2020

Feeling stressed and run down? This smoothie is packed full of nutrients that support your nerves and your immune system! Blend up this recipe and get ready for a workout so you can destress!

The optional ingredients add an extra boost of the brain and immune-supportive nutrients. Get creative and add your own twist to this recipe.



2 cups        wild blueberries, fresh or thawed

1                 banana or avocado

1 1/2 cups  unsweetened, non-dairy ‘milk’ such as my coconut beverage

1/4 cup       hemp hearts (Click here to learn more about the power of hemp nutrition.)

1/4 tsp       monk fruit extract or 1 tbsp honey

dash           cinnamon or nutmeg



2 tbsp         protein powder of choice

4                  fresh mint leaves

1 tsp           sunflower lecithin

1 tbsp         goji berries, soaked (check out the health info on goji berries here)



1. Blend all ingredients including lecithin and goji berries until smooth.

2. Pour into 2 glasses and season with a dash of spice. Add mint leaves for decoration if desired and serve immediately.

Makes 3 cups.


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