18 Apr
The garlic in this recipe will scent the artichokes and add extra flavour. Classically, artichokes are served with melted butter. Try this dairy-free dipping sauce as a replacement. Olive oil is rich in omega-9 fats, which may help balance cholesterol. For more food facts about artichokes, click here.   Ingredients:
 4             artichokes
 2 tbsp.    lemon juice  
2-3          garlic cloves
 Sea salt for cooking water Directions:
 1. Cut off some...
11 Apr
Thanks so much to Mandy King for this wonderful quinoa recipe. For more information about Mandy and her work, check out her website. "Quinoa salads are the ultimate lifesaver for those eating gluten free. Let me tell you why… When I first had to make the switch to eating gluten free, one of the hardest things was lunch foods. I was used to eating a sandwich, and all of a sudden sandwiches were not so appetizing. The cardboard bread just wasn’t doing it for me. I can’t really...
25 Mar
It seems a lot of people are trying hard to curb the urge to start the day with caffeine these days. If you are suffering from lack of sleep or nerves are feeling a little jangled, it makes sense to choose something a little more gentle than the standard java. I often get asked, “Which teas should I stick to and which should I stay away from?”

 There are so many amazing health benefits to herbal tea. They often work as a gentle diuretic to remove excess water from the body....
05 Mar
The combination of the quinoa and the plums make this recipe very high in fibre and helpful in balancing your blood sugar. The walnuts and cinnamon give this dish appeal for the whole family while the sweet and sour tastes make it great for a side salad. For more information on the health benefits of plums, click here.   Ingredients: 
250 ml (1 cup) uncooked quinoa
 375 ml (1.5 cups) water 
2.5 ml (1/2 tsp.) sea salt
 1,000 ml (4 cups) firm red plum,...
25 Feb
This tasty olive and lentil recipe is a winning combination of healthy fats and fibre. Be sure to buy high quality olive oil. For more information, click here.    Ingredients: 2 cups           cooked lentils, well rinsed and drained
 1 cup            pitted olives (kalamata are a great choice)
 1/4 cup         extra virgin olive oil
 1 large          clove garlic, coarsely chopped
 1/2 cup         fresh parsley or coriander, chopped
 1 tsp    ...
20 Feb
Kale is Canada’s own superfood! It's got a lot of competition, but kale is one of the healthiest foods available. Just one piece of evidence: a rating system called the Andi Scale rates the density of nutrients per calorie. The scale is ranked zero to 1000 and kale takes the top spot because this leafy green delivers the most nutrients for only 36 calories a cup. Until recently, we thought about nutrition as vitamin A through zinc, but it turns out that the consumption of a...
17 Feb
When my nephew Kaydn was 8 years old he was diagnosed with rare kidney disorder and put on dialysis. When Kaydn turned 14 he became a vegetarian for ethical reason. Unfortunately this was not a good move for his health as his hemoglobin dropped to a dangerously low level even with excellent supplementation. His primary nephrologist (kidney doctor) begged him to return to eating red meat for the sake of his health. It took some negotiation which included a discussion about the Dal...
13 Feb
This February has been coldest and snowiest in decades in North America. It is important for us to crank up our internal heat and taste some great aphrodisiacs this Valentines Day to really get us in the mood. An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire! Share this recipe with friends to lift the mood everywhere you go! This recipe freezes really well so make it once and enjoy it all month… unless you can’t resist enjoying them often! Raw chocolate has twice as...
31 Jan
This dish is an easy substitute for apple pie, as all the spices used are the same as those in a traditional apple pie recipe. These baked apples are so nutritious that you can eat them as a special breakfast treat.   Ingredients: 4                        organic apples 1/2 cup               various nuts and/or seeds 1/4 cup               fruit juice sweetened, dried cranberries 2                        dates, pitted and chopped 1 tsp                  ...
30 Jan
Question: I'm a young female adult and a vegetarian. I've only been a vegetarian for a bit more than 2 years and having problems with maintaining my protein levels. Are there easy snacks/foods I can make for on the go that will keep my diet in balance? Answer: I understand your trouble! Here is a excerpt from my book, Meals That Heal inflammation that answers your question.   "It is important for vegetarians to get enough protein in order to manage carbohydrate...

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